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“Cultural Heritage” - Welcome to “Cultural Heritage”!

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“Cultural heritage” is information resource about cultural patrimony of Kazakhstan. “Cultural heritage” will show you the richest heritage and achievements of ancient Kazakhstani spiritual and material culture and unique state projects on its preservation.


Here you can find information about unique historical and cultural monuments, archeological researches, search expeditions in world book depositories, music heritage of Kazakh people, and the best works of classic world literature in the Kazakh language which you can read online.


On this portal you can find information about sainted places of Kazakhstan, watch video about architecture monuments and ancient cities and listen to the national Kazakh instruments. You will listen to the “Book of words” of the great Abai. We have a big photo gallery with mosques and mausoleums, strange cave drawings and stone sculptures.


John Herschell was right saying that to make a person happy it is necessary to cultivate taste to reading as well as possibility, electronic, first of all. And Goethe doesn’t worry; now manuscripts will not be burnt. “Faust” is good in electronic format. The book can be read by thousands of people simultaneously and in the Kazakh language.


The book can be opened in several seconds. You just go to and welcome to the world of rich national intellectual treasury of Kazakhstan. Just count the hours and minutes that you need in real life to take each book from a shelf and read the name of author and title. Having a computer and Internet you can do it in several minutes.


We all know about Egypt pyramids and mummies of pharaohs, Roman Coliseum, famous the Leaning Tower of Pisa. But very few people know about discoveries of Berelsk barrows that shocked the world, about mysterious place of Ak bauyr which origin people connect with extraterrestrial intelligence, about underground mosques in mountains of Mangystau… There is no much place to speak about all the discoveries made by archeologists during the years of work of program.


This is just a little list of plans and creative ideas of the developers of the portal, team of “NIT” JSC. It is planned to add information about national traditions, Kazakh applied crafts, culture and customs of the Kazakh expats, etc.


According to the patriarch of domestic archeology Alkei Margulan, to preserve, it is necessary to know. Web portal “Cultural heritage” will help you to learn more about our origin, our heritage.