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The State Historical and Cultural Reserve-Museum "Issyk"

 The State Historical and Cultural Reserve-Museum "Issyk" was established in 2010 on the initiative of the Head of State N.A. Nazarbayev within the framework of the Strategic National Project "Cultural Heritage" on the territory of necropolis Issyk, where in 1970 in one of burial mounds was discovered the undisturbed burial of the "Golden Man".

 The complex gives invaluable information about the culture of ancient nomads of Kazakhstan. The artifacts of the monument and the scenes that adorn the ceremonial clothes of the "Golden Man", conveying the sacred meaning of the mythology of the ancient tribes, entered the state attributes of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Sak culture and the "Golden Man" are the main themes of the presentation and scientific research of the Issyk reserve-museum.

In 2013, the territory of the conservation zone of the reserve-museum was approved - 422.7 hectares, where more than 80 mounds are located. The structure of the reserve-museum includes a complex of 3 cultural and landscape monuments:

  • Issyk burial ground - opened in 1936, total area - 398 hectares.
  • The Rakhat hillfort - was opened in 1999, the total area - 5,2 hectares.
  • Oricty hillfort - opened in 2000, the total area - 19.5 hectares.

The exposition of the State Historical and Cultural Reserve-Museum "Issyk" consists of 4 rooms: "History and culture of the Saks", "Golden Man", "Archeology of Kazakhstan", temporary exhibitions and the memorial office of one of the discoverers of the "Golden Man" archaeologist Bekmukhanbet Nurmukhanbetov. The museum's fund currently has about 3000 items of storage, more than 500 of which are presented in the exposition.

The basis of the collections are the artifacts of the Saka period, which is the main object of the reserve museum research. The funds contain items found in different regions of Kazakhstan, most of them from the Semirechie. The most valuable exhibits are authentic items from the funeral chamber of the "Golden Man", as well as the reconstruction of the "Golden Man" costume, made by the restorer K. Altynbekov (shown in the exposition).

A significant part of the exhibits are ceramic dishes, bronze, iron, silver coins. Artifacts date from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages.

The main activities of the reserve-museum are research and cultural-educational work, protection of historical and cultural heritage sites, popularization of historical and cultural monuments, development of cultural tourism. The Issyk Reserve Museum has been accredited as a subject of scientific activity since 2012, conducting archaeological excavations since 2011 on the basis of an unlimited license (No. 15008747). The museum cooperates with many regional, republican, foreign scientific and cultural institutions.


Address: 040400, Almaty region Enbekshikazakh district, Rakhatsky rural district, Almaty-Kokpek-Koktal highway, Esik access - 6.6 km, State historical-cultural reserve-museum "Issyk"

Phone: +7(727) 306 91 30,
Telefax: +7(727) 391 34 56,



Director: Mrs., Gulmira Railovna Mukhtarova