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National Historical and Cultural Reserve “Ordabassy”

 The Republican  Statе Enterprise  of  National Historical  and Cultural  Reserve  “Ordabasy”  was opened by  the order  of the President of the Republic of  Kazakhstan   of May 12, 1993 №1213.

Reserve was established on the basis of archaeological and historical events.

The main activities of theNational Historical and Cultural reserve is the use of historical and cultural heritage protection and preservation

Ordabasy Reserve is financed from the republican budget. The reserve reports to the Ministry of Culture and Sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan as well as to the Department of Culture and Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Historical and Cultural Department

By the decision of the greatest state figures of the Kazakh people, Tole bi, Kazybek bi and Aiteke bi a united front was created to fight against the Jungar invasion on the mountain Ordabassy in 1726,  

On the proposal of Kazybek bi Abulkhair khan - khan of the younger zhuz was elected as a commander-in-chief of the Kazakh people. The banner of the unified Kazakh army was handed to Batyr Kanzhygaly Bogenbai.

On the initiative of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, N.Nazarbayev, the memorable days in honor of Tole bi, Aiteke bi and Kazybek bi  the great sons of the Kazakh people were held on 26-28 May 1993.

These events were attended by the President of Kyrgyzstan A. Akaev and the President of Uzbekistan I. Karimov.

The presidents of these countries have signed a memorandum on "Eternal Peace and Commonwealth” of the fraternal countries on the top of the hill of unity.

The President of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev especially emphasized the importance of the Ordabassy in the history of Kazakhstan in his report at the opening ceremony of the monument "Unity"

on 19 October 1997.

Ordabassy in Kazakh language is "the beginning of the hordes". The greatness of this place is in historical significance, which is caused by the great events in national history, associated with the unification of the Kazakh clans

The unified forces of the Kazakh troops, which began on Mount Ordabassy, resulted in a victory over the Jungars at the crossings of the Bulanty and Bileuty rivers. This place is called "Kalmyk kirilgan", which means the defeat of the Kalmyks

Mount Ordabasy confirms its name of the sacred mountain from ancient times. Even a quick list of monuments impresses with its antiquity and diversity.

Many sites of the Paleolithic and Neolithic era that literally filled these places, thousands of tools of primitive people were found at each spring and on each lawn, as if proving that these places from ancient times attracted by their beauty and fertility of our ancestors.

Burial mounds of the Huns are astonishing  with their majesty and beauty towering on the plains and picturesque tracts.

In these places you can find traces of cultures of ancient Turks, Oguzes and Kipchaks.

At the same time, the mountain Ordabasy is a necropolis covering the time period of two thousand years BC to the 18th century AD.

There are about 300 burial mounds and burials, among them there are burial mounds of the royal type.

Under the assumption of archaeologists, the ancient Saks buried their leaders, nobles on the hills of Ordabassy.

At the same time Ordabasy is witnessing the great historical events of 1726, the fateful decisions of the great sons / Tole, Aiteke and Kazibek biys/ of  the Kazakh people.

The total area of the Ordabasy reserve is 1134 hectares and 10 hectares of greenery.

Today it is a place which is sung by Kozhabergen Zhyrau, researched by academician M. Tynyshpaev, incorporating a three thousand-year-old nomadic spirit, covered with legends, sung by poets, but nevertheless enveloped in a cover of secrets

The sacred Ordabasy Mountain is and will be the national pride of the Kazakh people.