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Results of realization of the governmental program "Cultural heritage"

Information for year 2004 on realization of the strategic national project “Cultural heritage”

Recreation and restoration of monuments


In 2004 the following restoration works were finished:

- building of Verny three-class academy in Almaty, 

- mausoleumofAisha-Bibi and Ush-Aralin Zhambyl oblast,

- womengymnasiainthecomplexofKhanheadquarters of BukeevskayaOrda in west-Kazakhstan oblast,

- objects of necropolis Shopan-Ata in Mangistau oblast, 

- mausoleumsSyrly-Tam in Kyzylorda oblast,  

- mausoleumsIsmail-Ata in architectural complex Turbat, Arystanbab and mosque Akkoily in south Kazakhstan oblast.


Archeological excavations in the following places were held: settlement Buzok in Akmola oblast, Koilyk, Talgar in Almaty oblast, Saraichik in Atyrau oblast, Akyrtas in Zhambyl oblast, Zhuantobe, Karaspantobe, Shymkent, Sauran, Sidak, Otrar in south-Kazakhstan oblast. Examination of burial mounds Issyk, Berel,mChilikty, Aibasdarasy settlements, Kent, Taldysai, Botai, etc. are going on.

In the historical archive of PRC they found out 3500 unique documents in Chagatai, Manchu, Oirat, Mongolian and Chinese languages on history and culture of Kazakhstan.

10 projects of applied, scientific researches of unique historical and cultural, architectural and archeological monuments having special significance for the national culture were realized.

Code of monuments of history and culture of Almaty, Kyzylorda and North-Kazakhstan oblasts is prepared.

The following 10 volumes of books of the Kazakh folklore were prepared and published: “Babalar cozi”, “Hisotry of the Kazakh literature”, album “Abylkhan Kasteev”. The work on forming 10 volumes of the series “World historical thought” is finished. 10 volumes on “World culturological thought” are prepared. Totally 29 names of books were published in year 2004.

4 meeting of the Public council on realization of the National program “Cultural heritage” were held. They approved the Concept on realization of the plan of measures of the State program and its logo.