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Results of realization of the governmental program "Cultural heritage"

Results of realizationoftheNationalprogram “Cultural heritage” in 2005

The following restoration works were completed in 2005:


- mausoleum of Shokai Datka in Zambyl oblast,

- Abat Baitak mausoleum in Aktobe oblast,

- mausoleums of Okshy-Ata, Aikozha, Sarman-Kozha and Aktas mosque in Kyzylorda oblast,

- mausoleum of Zhuban in Atyrau oblast,

- mainbuildingofthe complex of Khan headquarters of BukeevskayaOrda in west-Kazakhstan oblast,

- objects of necropolis Karaman-Ata in Mangistau oblast,

- mausoleumofEsimkhan, “Hammam”, archetectural complex of Turbat in south-Kazakhstan oblast,

- building of the former House of officers in Almaty.

Archeological research started in 2004 at Bozok, Talgar, Saraichik settlements, burial mound Berel are continued.

Scientific and research expeditions in the following places were organized to form unified database of book monuments having historical and cultural value for Kazakhstan: British library (London), National libraries of Paris, Madrid, Seville, Florence and Berlin, diplomatic archive of MFA of France and secret archive of Vatican, libraries of Kazan, Ufa, and PRC (SUAR, Urumchi). As the result the funds of the National library were supplemented with 277 rare publications, manuscripts and 200 printed editions that were unknown before in scientific circles and are relevant for the history of Kazakhstan.

The insurance fund of rare writings of outstanding musicians of oral professional tradition was created. Audio records of 255 old Kazakh kui were restored and transferred to modern media.

They have finished the work on creation of the database of potential objects of Universal heritage containing in the preliminary list of UNESCO.

The following books have been published: the first book of series “History and culture of Aral and the Caspian”, “Babalar sozi”, “Library of world literature”, “World culturological thought”, “World philosophical heritage”,  “History of Kazakhstan in western sources”,  “Dialectological dictionary of the Kazakh language”, “Economic classic”, “World psychological thought”, “Ancient world of the right of the Kazakh” (Zheti zhargy), “Anthology of the Kazakh music”, etc.

International and republican scientific and theoretical conferences, seminars and exhibitions dedicated to the problems of the historical and cultural heritage of Kazakhstan have been held.