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Results of realization of the governmental program "Cultural heritage"

Results of realization of the National program “Cultural heritage” in 2006

Restoration works at the following historical and cultural, architectural and archeological monuments of the national history were held:

- building of the architectural and artistic museum “Zharkent mosque” in Almaty oblast, 

- palace complex Akyrtas in Zhambyl oblast,

- complex of Khan headquarters of BukeevskayaOrda in West-Kazakhstan oblast,

-one-minaret and two-minaretmosque inSemipalatinsk,

- complex “Zhidebai-Borli” in east-Kazakhstan oblast,

- mausoleums of Iskak Ata in architectural complex of Turbat,

-mausoleums of Khodzha Akhmet Yassauians Arystanbab, palace complex Baba Ata in south-Kazakhstan oblast.

Restoration and conservation of gold archeological things from Berel barrow (IV–IIIBC) was held.

In terms of events dedicated to the year of Abai in Russia and A.S. Pushkinin Kazakhstan, in April 2006 they finished the 3 work on fabrication and installation of the monument to Abai Kunanbaev in Moscow. Archeological research engaged 29 reference monuments from the Paleolithic age till the middle ages in the territory of 13 oblasts of the republic:settlements Bozok, Shymkent, Koilyk, Issyk, Akyrtas, Chirikrabad, barrow Kyryk Oba.

The funds of the National library of France are examined; the work in Secret archives and Vatican Apostolic library, Rome National central library, National archive and archive of Khypchakhavankta monastery in Armenia is continued.  There were revealed about 300 names of works on history and ethnology of nomads of Central Asia.

Then work on determination of borders and zones of protection of cultural heritage objects included in the preliminary list of UNESCO and creation of database of potential objects of World heritage that are in the preliminary list of UNESCO is finished.

In 2006 there were published 132 books of series “Babalar sozi”, “History of the Kazakh literature”, “Anthology of the Kazakh music”, “Library of world literature”, “Ancient world of right of the Kazakh”, etc.

Besides, they organized a number of international and republican events dedicated to the problems of historical and cultural heritage of the state.  On April 19, 2006 in the head quarters of UNESCO in Paris they held the presentation of the National program “Cultural heritage”.

On June 22, 2006 they held the regular meeting of the Public council on realization of the National program “Cultural heritage” for 2004-2006.