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Results of realization of the governmental program "Cultural heritage"

Results of realization of the National program “Cultural heritage” in 2007

Interms of the agreement between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Syrian Arab Republic, and Arab Republic of Egyptin Damask they gave land to construct ethnic and cultural center and mausoleum of Al-Farabi. Restoration works of mausoleum and mosque of Sultan Beibars were started.

Some objects of the two-minaret mosque in Semei were restored, as well as the complex of Khan head quarters of Bukeevskaya Orda, the building of the first military academy in Uralsk, mausoleums of Kara Sopy, Molla Kalan, Makul Tam, Madrass as Kalzhan Akhun, architectural complex of ХIII–ХVI century in Turbat village (Iskak Ata mausoleum), palace complex Baba ata and mosque-madrassas in Shayan village.

Internal works at cupola “Kazandyk” of the Khodzha Akhmet Yassaui mausoleum are finished. Mausoleum Zhusup Ata and complex “Residence of Abylai Khan” is restored.

In Berel barrow they have held works on collection and cleaning of small details, found golden items and their registration. It was registered 290 units of archeological values of Berel barrow.

Archeological research engaged Maibulak encamp ment in Zhambyl oblast, big groups of rock carvings of Semirechye and south Kazakhstan, Anyrakai mountains (Tamgaly, Karakyr, Seriktas), ustyurt Asy and Eshkiolmes mountains, burial mounds and encampments,burial chamber Kyzyl Uiyk, complex Akyrtam, barrow Kyryk, interment #72, 73, 74 in Berel barrow.

The following settlements were excavated and researched: settlements of Turkestan, Shirik Rabad, Shymkent, Balandy, Aral  Asar, Zhuantolbe, encampment Toktaul, Auliekol, barrows Aibas, Daras, Borizhar and Begazy, on-site researchof ancient city Zharkent.

They organized expedition on research of ethno-cultural life of the Altai Kazakhs. Scientific and research expeditions in the archives and libraries of Paris, Berlin, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Tashkent were held. As the result of the research it was revealed more than 100 most valuable historical sources XVII–XX century.

Monuments of archeology, history and ethnography of the nomads in the territory of Almaty, Zhambyl and south Kazakhstan oblasts were examined.

8 scientific and applied researches on ethnography, archeology, museum business, etc. were realized.  Works on culture of nomads, traditional wear and armament of the Kazakh, history of book business of the Kazakh people is ready to be published.

43 names of books are published.