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Results of realization of the governmental program "Cultural heritage"

Results of realization of the National program “Cultural heritage” in 2008

Interms of the agreement on cooperation between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Syrian Arab Republic, and Arab Republic of Egypt they continue construction of ethnic and cultural center and mausoleum of Al-Farabi and restoration works of mausoleum in Damask and Sultan Beibars mosque in Cairo. In the frameworks of cooperation with Mongolian Republic they continue manufacturing of the copies of monuments of Tonykok and Terkin.

Restoration works at the following objects are finished: Kara-Khodzha, Ak-Kesene, first military academy in Uralsk (XIX century), mosque-madrassas in Baba-Ata village, Zhusup Ata mausoleum, Mirali Bab mausoleum,Kalzhan Akhun madrassas.  In Almaty oblast the restoration works at the tsar barrows of necropolis Besshatyr V-IV BC are finished.

Restoration works of the following places are continued: settlements of Akyr-tas, palace of Khan headquarters of Bukeevskaya Orda, Aiganym estate, Khodzha Akhmet Yassaui mausoleum, mosque-madrassas in Shayan village, Khodzha Nazar mosque, Central mosque-madrassas of Syganak settlement, Karagul mausoleum.

In the field seas on of year 2008 they held archeological excavationsof 32 depositions, mazars (in Muslim terminology,“tomb of the saint”) and barrows: settlements Bozok in Akmola oblast; Issyk, Kayalyk, Talgar in Almaty oblast, Saraichik in Atyrau oblast; Zhuantobe, Karaspantobe, SHymkent, Sauran, Sidak, Otrar in south-Kazakhstan oblast; Berel, Chilikty barrowsin east-Kazakhstan oblast; settlements Akyrtas in Zhambyl oblast; the Sarmatians Kyrykoba in west-Kazakhstan oblast; encampments Taldysai, Toktaul, sanctuary Aibas, settlement Kent in Karagandy oblast, etc.

11 applied scientific researches on archeology, history, ethnography, writings of the Kazakhs people are realized. The works on preparation of the Code of monuments of Akmola oblast are finished. 

In 2008 it was published 79 items of books on series of the national and world thought, culture and literature.