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Government program "Мәдени мұра" - Cultural heritage of Kazakhstan

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Public Council for realization of the program "Cultural heritage"

The Public Council for realization of the government program "Cultural heritage" was created by the direction of the Government Secretary of Kazakhstan from 30th December 2003.

The Public council is a consultative-recommendation agency and is created in purpose of the assistance to public authorities and organizations in providing scientifically-methodical assurance and realization to the government program "Cultural heritage".

During the realization of the governmental program "Cultural heritage" Public council proposes an agenda of the most important directions of the Program and hold the meetings, where interim and operating statements of sections are discussed. Also turning-point results and important tasks of further realization of the governmental program "Cultural heritage" are discussed during the counsels of the President of Kazakhstan.

he Public council is formed of figures of the science and culture, literature and art, public figures, as well as representatives of state management bodies and institutions of the culture.