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Здание Музея им. Ыкыласа   (XX AD)

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The Best Romances Will Be Performed at the Astana Opera

Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2017 The Astana Opera’s listeners have an excellent opportunity to time-travel tothe XIX and XX centuries. After all, that is when most of the romances that will be featured in the program of the concert “Enchantment, Be Prolonged and Slow!”were created. Bright, talented artists will perform the best samples of this soulful genre at the Chamber Hall on October 11.

Thus, brilliant romances by M. Glinka, who was a major influence on the greatest composers - A. Dargomyzhsky, N. Rimsky-Korsakov, P. Tchaikovsky, whose works were included in the busy evening program, will be featured for the audience.

“We are happy to turn to romance once again. This concert will be held within the framework of the “Bel Canto Musical Salon” series, where, along with the works of Russian composers, the works of F. Chopin, F. Schubert, M. Ponce will be offered to the public. The old romances will be presented and the premiere performance of the magnificent composition by V. Bakaleinikov The Dark Cherry-coloredShawl will take place. Among other things, everyone will hear the beloved Romany song by J. de Botari Do not Ask. Of course, we could not ignore such popular work as Burn, My Star, Burn by P. Bulakhov to the lyrics by V. Chuyevsky. Ramzat Balakishiyev will perform famous romances by D. Malashkin - Osin, Madina Islamova will present works by European composers,” - noted Raushan Beskembirova.

The young creative generation of the Astana Opera - Nazym Sagintai, Madina Islamova, Malika Minisini, Ramzat Balakishiyev, Shyngys Rasylkhan, Narul Toikenov, along with wonderful interpreters of the romance genre - Elena Ganzha and Aizada Kaponova will present their art to the audience.

Mezzo-soprano Malika Minisini said that she is very happy to be a part of the Astana Opera’s team, where every artist puts his or her soul into all the projects realized by the opera house. “The wonderful atmosphere of the Chamber Hall is conducive to creativity, any meeting with the audience is a gift for us soloists, and we all look forward to this musical evening. I will perform a number of works, but I will focus more on the premiere - Dark Cherry-coloredShawl. This wonderful female romance is not very old. It was composed by V. Bakaleinikov in the beginning of the XX century. This work tells the story of a girl’s unhappy love. The only reminder of her lover was a dark cherry-colored shawl,” explained the artist. 

Her colleague, Elena Ganzha, added that a lot of surprises await the listeners, in particular, heartfelt and at the same time passionate gypsy romances affecting the finest strings of the soul. Vocal numbers will alternate with instrumental music. Thus, a promising violinist Meirzhan Kenesbayev will present P. Tchaikovsky’s Waltz-Scherzo.

Harmonious combination of beautiful melodies with the inspired poems of the Silver Age of Russian Poetry will create the poetic atmosphere of the evening.

Piano - international competitions laureate Raushan Beskembirova.

The host of the concert - musicologist Saule Mauletova.

The concert begins at 19:00.