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Восточная баня   (XVI - XVIII AD)

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The National Museum opened an exhibition of young sculptor

Thursday, Dec. 29, 2016The National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan took place the opening ceremony of the personal exhibition "Breaking Dawn," the young sculptor Joan Nugerbekovoy, a student of the St. Petersburg State Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after Repin.

The exhibition is made in various techniques and materials, from bronze to paper.
Works of "Abay" and "Shokan Ualikhanov" demonstrate mastery of the techniques of easel Jeanne plastics - it has created images of Abay and Shokan conquer their life conviction and depth of human feelings.

Female images from the series "Turkestan morning", "Indira", "Sulu", "Aigerim" - is a gallery paradoxically Eastern woman with her mysterious world of sensuality and mystery, fragility and resilience, physical weakness and strength of mind at the same time.

In the "Tang" the author connects the two main ideological symbols of Kazakh people - sheep and mountain. The semantics of a ram as a symbol of earthly life, material prosperity, is connected with the world, which requires financial stability and economic security. Gore - the symbol of greatness and fortitude. The work of the young sculptor's claim to the concept of her creative world, her reflections on his spiritual roots, the spiritual culture of the Kazakh people.

Deputy Director A. Satubaldin said: "The National Museum RespublikiKazahstan always supported the idea of ​​young artists and sculptors also assists in organizatsiiavtorskih exhibitions, interesting idey.Vmeste so we are interested in the fact that these works have been recognized by society, with the aim of we We gathered here - to support the beautiful works of our young skulptora.Nesmotrya that Jeanne still young talent, she could take part in international exhibitions. Today we have a wonderful opportunity to see her work and noted masterstvoskulptora ".

The young artist has in its creative assets involved in 17 major exhibitions, is the winner and laureate of half of them.
According to the materials: