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The magic of the musical

Tuesday, Dec. 27, 2016In anticipation of the New Year's holiday concert organization "Kazakh Concert" presented to the residents and guests of the capital volshebnuyumuzykalnuyu extravaganza. Today, the stage of the Central concert hall "Kazakhstan" presented a colorful show - the popular hits of world famous musicals. The main performers were - artists of the Moscow theater "Astana Musical" and guest soloists.

This evening gave the audience the most vivid passages from world famous musicals. The five parts of the festive show program contains selected hits from different countries: the musical homeland - the United States, as well as Great Britain, France, Russia and Kazakhstan.

Conversation politrila, passionate feelings, vivid emotions, music and choreography, beautiful light and video installations - all suffered spectators in the unique world of musical performance.

Some numbers of foreign musicals performed in the original language of the passages - translated into Kazakh and Russian languages. The concert went through development, one great musical track. Therefore, from the beginning of the action set to a specific tempo, dynamics.

Homeland and the cradle of the musical - America. Here, at the beginning of the XX century was born this unique genre, which was destined to become a favorite and popular throughout the world art. In the first block, dedicated to the art of the American musical, includes fragments of the legendary musical "Cabaret" with Liza Minnelli, "My Fair Lady," "Aladdin," "The Sound of Music", "La Boheme" and "Beauty and the Beast" and others.

The second block is dedicated to presenting the UK, where the fertile soil continued to develop musical and theatrical genre, strengthened and enriched with priceless treasures of American culture. The audience will enjoy the numbers from the musical "Phantom of the Opera," "Cats», We Will Rock You and MammaMiya. Perhaps, in the world there is no lover of music, which would be unfamiliar to those muzkalnoy masterpieces.

In France, the musical has found his own musical handwriting and style, giving the true identity of the French music. It was the French musical "Romeo and Juliet", "Notre Dame de Paris" and "Can-Can" will see in the third block predstavleniyagosti "Astana Musical."

If the American musical, first and foremost, is a spectacular show, Comrade Rossiimyuzikl - etopsihologichesky theater. Excerpts from the musical "Juno and Avos" movie "12 chairs" and "Ah, Vaudeville, Vaudeville!", "Hipsters" kinomyuzikla became the basis of the fourth part of the submission.

Almost a century later, having been in America, London, France, Russia, the musical soars upward and reaches the vast steppes of Kazakhstan. Kazakh land for centuries was famous musical talents. Here, enriched by original Kazakh culture, the musical finds new viewers and admirers of art. After all, Kazakhstan has long developed a strong musical, dramatic, and choreographic schools, which in the years of independence have strengthened its position and become even more successful.

Today, the younger generation of Kazakh artists, composers, choreographers, artists, directors, based on the great traditions, is capable of creating something new, fresh, exciting, but the main thing - demanded by Kazakhstani and foreign audiences. And example of this - the new musical performance.

The huge LED screens on the stem and crown of Baiterek pass images - fotoklassikov Kazakh art: Kurmangazy, Abay, Kuliash Baiseitova, Bowl Zhienkulova Rosa Baglanova, Ermek Serkebayev, Bibigul Tulegenova, Shaken Aimanov, N. Tlendiyev, Shamshi Kaldayakov, Orchestra of Folk Instruments named after Kurmangazy, ensemble "Gulder" (first part), fragments of a-movie "Angel in the skullcap", "Our dear doctor", videos of opera and ballet performances, symbolizing the rich history and tradition of culture of Kazakhstan.

The organizers are sure the evening will be a real cultural gift to all residents and guests of Astana on the eve of the New Year, when the magic happens, dreams come true and create the most fantastic and vivid presentation.

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