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Recreated image Keiki Batyr

Thursday, Dec. 29, 2016Working group of the Ministry of Culture and Sport completed a set of scientific works on the reconstruction of the external image and sculptural reconstruction of a national hero. This was announced at a meeting of the RK Minister of Culture and Sport A.Muhamediuly with members of the working group on the return of the remains of Keiki Batyr.

As the Minister A.Muhamediuly, Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan held a great deal of work on the transfer of the remains in Kazakhstan one of the prominent leaders of the national liberation movement of the Kazakh people Keiki Batyr. It is known that the remains of the national hero kept in the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography. Peter the Great, Russian Academy of Sciences St. Petersburg for nearly a century.

"This historic event is important for the state and throughout our nation's history, - said the head of the Kazakh authorities. - The Ministry of Culture of Russia and personally to the Minister of Culture Vladimir Medina had their full support. Spend tremendous teamwork to address the issue of the transfer of Kazakhstan and the organization of transportation of the remains. "

The return of the remains of Keiki Batyr in Kazakhstan is the result of the Prime Ministers of the two countries' agreement.

According A.Muhamediuly, understanding of transmission remains Keiki Batyr is aimed at strengthening the importance of good relations between our peoples. Kazakhstan and Russia, namely, the Ministry of Culture of Russia and Kazakhstan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan, the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography of the Russian Academy of Sciences, have done a great joint, historical work on return to Kazakhstan remains.

"For the first time in the history of independent Kazakhstan was able to return to the country as an important historical artifact," - said the Minister.

On the results of research of Hungarian scientists he told the well-known scientist, Director of the Central State Museum of Kazakhstan Nursan Alimbai.

"When you restore the image Keiki Batyr were some difficulties. According to anthropologists, the seven hardest blow was struck on the head of our legendary ancestor. There were other cranial trauma. However, despite all the difficulties, thanks to modern technology for antropolgicheskih reconstructions, two months of hard work by the Hungarian scientists were able to recreate the look of Keiki Batyr ", - said N. Alimbai.

The exploits, bravery Keiki Batyr his quest to make his people happy and independent written many books, novels, poems, short stories and documentaries. Among these historical epos "Keykі Batyr" (author Serik Turgynbek), released in 2001.

In 2014 Sh Baidildina released book "Keykі Batyr".

This year, republished book about Keiki Batyr talented writer A.Nurmanova "Құlannyң azhaly" 2,000 copies. In 2017, it planned to publish historical monograph "Keykі Batyr", by O.Bekmagambetova.

In the future, the Ministry of Culture planned staging performances, the production of documentary and feature films about the Keiki Batyr.

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